"Bernie Triumphant" Poster by Garrett Ross

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Artist: Garrett Ross         
Title: Bernie Triumphant

“I wanted to show Bernie in stark, immediately eye-catching colors and in a powerful, striking silhouette. I looked at poster history across the world and pulled inspiration from the relatable, straight-forward, inspiring aesthetic that those artists brought to the table. I also felt it was important to show Bernie in a traditional, optimistic, victorious light.”

Garrett Ross is most well-known for his poster design work for the Los Angeles stand-up comedy community. He made weekly posters for the show "Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen" for four years. His clients include Comedy Central, Funny or Die, RIOT LA,  and many others. He currently works as design director for a film distributor.


Union printed on thick stock, sized at 18 x 24 inches, and suitable for framing.