"A Reason To Vote" Poster by Greg Auerbach

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Artist: Greg Auerbach           
Title: A Reason To Vote

Greg Auerbach made his first piece of art while living in a studio in Downtown Los Angeles.  Unable to afford to decorate his walls, he decided to try his hand at stencils and relative-collage, making a 6-foot piece of Alfred Hitchcock spray painted over vintage murder and mystery headlines from the 1800’s -1960’s.  His concept was simple at first; to pay homage and respect to the people he admired, by painting them among a bed of their themes, inspirations, lives and societal impacts.

This quickly blossomed into a career in mixed-media, with materials like spray paint, acrylics, bullet shells, ink, stencils, needles, silk screens, bricks, concrete and various created methods of experimentation and play with found objects.

His style is bold and often confrontational with a twist of hope and irony always present. Greg’s biggest passion is political work.


Union printed on thick stock, sized at 18 x 24 inches, and suitable for framing.